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Working with homeowners that take pride in their home but also enjoy walking in to a unique and custom space is what we love to do. Every piece is truly one of a kind. That means if we work together to develop and come up with exactly what you are thinking, there will never be another made like it in the world. The materials used are specific with character and age.
Rustic Residential Furniture
Furnishing and decorating your home is something that should be personal and specific to what you want. There are plenty of stores out there that can get close to what you want. But why not get exactly what you want? We take pride in listening to what you want and making it come to life. Whether it’s an oversized size rustic table for your space or a custom bar for your basement or a unique design of any piece of rustic furniture, we will work with you to design and create your ideal piece. Taking locally salvaged and reclaimed materials and using them to build custom furniture for you will bring history and character to your pieces that make yours a one of a kind piece.
Rustic Interior Design
Working with interior designers that are remodeling a space is something we enjoy. We’ll work with you and listen to your vision and ideas for you or your client’s space. Whether it be remodeling a kitchen, designing a rustic man cave, creating a dream master suite, renovating an office or building a new blend of rustic and industrial restaurant from the ground up, we are here to make the designer’s job easier.
We take pride in using materials that are reclaimed and salvaged from our local area. Bringing authentic character and history is a great way to set your company or project apart. We’ll provide you with the information and story of where everything came from that you can pass on to your customers.