Reclaimed Wood Transformed into Custom Rustic Furniture Pieces and Decor

RustiK Rehab takes pride in giving old and forgotten materials a second chance. Bringing these materials back to life with custom designed and crafted pieces of furniture for your home or business. We make it a priority to work with you through the entire process to be sure that we give you exactly what you want. Every piece that we create is truly one of a kind from reclaimed materials with history and a story. 19th century barn beams, antique warehouse framing, salvaged live edge lumber can be transformed to Farm Tables, Coffee Tables, Bars, Desks and Decor to add to your home or business.

Our Story

We started RustiK Rehab after seeing the need for custom furniture and decor in our home. It was important to us that we bring pieces into our home made with high quality craftsmanship. We struggled to find exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to start from scratch. We truly appreciate the beauty of details.

The Shop

This is where the magic happens. There’s usually music playing, brainstorming to problem solve, people coming and going with their pieces and always saw dust flying. Everything we make starts and ends in the shop. We usually try to have a few items made and available in the shop for you to purchase for a quicker turnaround.


farm furniture

We look forward to all the custom projects. These are the pieces for homeowners or business owners that want to add character to their space. Whether it is working with specific dimensions of the space or existing color schemes, standard prefabricated furniture cannot always meet everything you are looking for.

Contact Us

See something you like or have your own idea to be built? Please get in touch with us today for any inquiries or questions. We like responding to your calls or emails, and sometimes just say hi back. We want you to feel comfortable working with us and if it takes a few conversations back and forth to get to that point, we don’t mind.

We look forward to working with you and developing the piece of your dreams.